Cart and Horses, Chickens and Eggs

I came across this great post that makes a great follow up to the Warlick article I mentioned in a previous post. I agree that the digital shift in education starts with pedagogy, but that shift is more effective and quicker when coupled with technology. I have come across many teachers who are not afraid of pedagogical shift, but terrified of the technological shift. Can you do one without the other? Are we putting the cart before the horse by putting a SMART Board in every room?

I can see both sides of the issue in this chicken and egg debate. However, I think if schools and school boards provide a secure wireless infrastructure, access to technology (an available variety, as opposed to mandatory and uniform) and focus professional learning around 21st century pedagogy, the demand from teachers for the web apps and tech tools will go a long way toward ensuring money is not wasted on the newest, “greatest” tech flavour of the day.

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