In Two Places at Once

At our last Learning with Technology network meeting we took a risk.

I tried to teach two groups in different locations at the same time. Impossible, you say? Some sort of slight-of-hand trickery? A costly VC setup, you ask? Not at all. With a few simple, and free tools, I was able to lead a discussion about Edmonton Public Schools Policy on Blogging and generating ideas for classroom Acceptable Use Policies between the MGM Network meeting at Minchau School and the LWT Network meeting at Newton School.

We connected visually through Skype and Oneeko (a screen sharing addon for skype) and lead cross network discussions in a chat group on Chatzy. I was actually pretty amazed at how smoothly it ran and I was very impressed with the conversations in the chat room. I hope the participants walk away with some ideas of how they can connect their classrooms with relatively little expense to classes around the world.

For those who were involved in the session, I welcome your feedback as to what worked in the presentation and what you would do differently in this post’s comments.

I would also like to thank David for getting us all Google Wave accounts. I am looking forward to playing with this new tool and seeing what it can do for us.

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