Should Kids Be Driving Alone? – Response

I so often hear “teachers should…” when it comes to digital citizenship and 21stC literacy, and yet are not given the tools/resources/permission to actually implement the desired change. If we truly want our students to have the competencies of an educated Albertan, we must advocate for systemic change.

I taught Social 30-1 at a local high school this summer and it took every ounce of tech skill I had to get my students tweeting, blogging and using Google Docs… and I am an Emerging Technology Consultant. Unless we commit to making it easier for students and teachers to use technology, both at the local and provincial leadership levels, I think many of our efforts will be counter productive. I’m not just talking about hardware, its re-framing what we assess and the data we collect, re-structuring timetables and subjects, re-evaluating teaching contracts and professional collaboration, and removing the legal and technical barriers to online access.

For the Albertans reading this, does anyone know if the new School Act and TQS will make it easier for teachers to enter the digital world with our students, or will it create more barriers so our students will have to drive it alone?

— taken from a comment I made on the ERLC Social Media Group

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