Social Media in Education – A Love/Hate Relationship

@Mashable is good at keeping you in the loop about social media. Check out this article about some recent changes to the way Google executes your search:

Google Search Becomes a Lot More Social, Integrates Flickr, Twitter and Quora

As I read this I realized that, as more districts sign on to Google Share, we are giving our students Google accounts that will be used when they do their Google searches for research projects.  What social networks will Google draw from when our students search? Or better yet, what do we have to teach kids about building their social networks so that the information they receive from the likes of a Google Search is relevant and trustworthy?

After considering those questions, have a look at Steven W. Anderson’s (@web20classroom) recent post. He brings up a very interesting point about the importance of social networks and the reluctance of the Education system to opt in.

When Will We Start Our Own Egyptian Revolution In The Classroom?

These articles are not talking about what might happen in the future, they are explaining what is happening today. If we are truly educating our students for the 21st Century, are we showing them how to actively engage and responsibly participate in these every increasingly important online networks?

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