San Diego’s Reinventing Education

Article ReferenceReinventing Education, eSchool News (you will need an account to access it)

News about San Diego United School District’s efforts to bring teaching and learning into the 21st Century followed hot off the heals of President Obama’s speech in which he laid out his vision for education in America. As I read the article, I was struck by how similar the the language is between the SDUSD implimentation plan and our efforts here at Edmonton Public Schools. Compare, for example the quote from Eileen Lento, a governement and educational stragetist for Intel Teach, with our AISI statement (Alberta Inititive for School Improvement):

Lento – “[Such an] innovative program will provide… an engaging and personalized learning environment, mindfully designed to optimize teaching and learning through the interconnected use of visual [and] auditory [media], mobile computing, and formative assessment technologies across the curriculum.”

AISI – “Student Engagement in learning through 21st Century literacies across the curriculum”

When we consider the previous cylce of AISI involved projects in assessment, technology, differentiate learning and literacy, which are assumed in the current cycle, the similarity between the two deepens. However, surface similarities sometimes disappear during implementation. It would be interesting to see where each district is placing an emphasis base on their Stategic Plans.

Another similarity between the two is the emphasis on the TPACK model of professional development (Mishra and Koehler). That being said, it appears that SDUSD has embraced TPACK directly, where as at EPSB we are just starting to spread the idea.

But really, the only way to be sure would be to send a contingent from Edmonton to San Diego to investigate. I suggest we go some time in January.  🙂


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